• Dimensional stability.
  • Color Fastness: laundering, water, perspiration, crocking (wet and dry).
  • Pilling test.
  • Bursting.
  • Appearance.
  • Complete records are kept and are available at customer’s request

Our laboratory has nine infrared Dyeing Lab Machines and a Tecnorama Robot that increases the capacity of lab dipping development to assure accurate colors.

  • 2 Data Color Spectrophotometer and 5 Gretag Macbeth light boxes.
  • Our laboratory team is made up by Chemical and Textile Engineers with the highest knowledge in the Textile Industry. They are evaluated by the Farnsworth Munsell Test and they are frequently trained in textile technology to improve their professional levels in order to get the “Right first time” producing the best performance.
  • Laboratory Certification: Lacoste.
  • Accredited by Natific AG, Switzerland